Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Boo-thday

I just found out there's a birthday page for Etsian's. Geez, they think of everything, those Etsy makers.

There are 164 Etsy members who are celebrating a birthday today! Happy birthday - hope you get lots of treats.

Check it out...right here.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Featured Artist – Creative Sundries

Creative Sundries is a mother (Carol) and daughter (Sarah) working team who have an obsession for things of the past. Below, we have four examples of their passion.

I love the way they took the car fuses and made them into earrings. But some items are perfect just the way they are, like the glass owl bank. And then, sometimes they create new items from scratch, like the crocheted cuff. Then there’s always the find that sort of (re)creates itself, like the plastic slide necklace.

No matter what you admire about their work, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is unique and will make a statement in your home or on your person.


Carol and Sarah take inspiration from whatever catches their eye. They seek and find many different types of treasures that they take back to their studio and repurpose, recycle and/or alter.

Favorite materials?
  • plastic charms
  • vintage game pieces
  • odd papers
  • Loteria (Mexican lotto) cards
  • images from kitschy cookbooks
  • vintage children's books
  • glass
  • sterling silver
  • buttons
Still to learn?
  • stained glass
  • soldered pendants
  • copper and other metalwork and jewelry
  • crochet
Can't live without?
  • mod podge
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
“We're thankful to have each other's encouragement, and have found awesome support and friendship through the Etsy Minnesota street team.”

Please visit Creative Sundries on:
  • Etsy
  • Blogger
  • Indiepublic
  • 90 Day Challenge Treasury

    My sweet Cherry Blossom Pendant is currently being featured in an Etsy Treasury.

    Thank you for the honor ContasBrasil!

    -ContrasBrasil Etsy shop
    -ContrasBrasil Blog

    She also has a second treasury out there. Both feature the 90 day challenge participants.

    About the challenge

    The 90 day challenge charges participants to write feature stories about 90 Etsy artists in 90 days. The stories are posted on the writers blogs each and every day. To learn more about the challenge and participate, read the forum thread here. We're still looking for more Etsy bloggers.

    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    How exciting...

    I've been featured on a fellow-artist's blog. Please take a moment to visit's Eva Felicity Design's blog.

    October 25, Blossoms Alive

    The official first day of fall was Sept. 23, but we haven’t seen fall-like temperatures until today. October had temps in the 70’s and 80’s. But today, with the sun out in full force, was a chilly 55 degrees.

    My garden hasn’t been very kempt this summer. Luckily, many of my favorites seem to tend to themselves. But now it’s October and they’ve been happy with the extended warm temperatures.

    My sweet pea has never seemed to take to the trellis that was specifically placed for its use. However, its curly tendrils did find the new fence we installed mid-summer with ease.

    The sweet little pink rose bush has hardly had an eye spy it all season. But this beautiful blossom comes out to greet the warm air as well. Her sibling buds were ready and waiting for their turn.

    This very hardy dianthus stands tall among the old dried stems. She lifts her face to the sun and tells her sisters the coast is clear and bright.

    Look closely and you’ll see the stamen inside the radiant glow of this vibrant bloom. It’s my favorite, reliable friend; always open to hear me say “good morning glory” when I come back from the bus stop each morning.

    Their pretty pink and purple presence have me yearning for summer already, but I know I’ll see my friends again when the days are longer and steady.

    (Photos taken Oct. 25, 2007)

    Saturday, October 27, 2007

    Featured Etsy Shop - Cryztalvisions

    Cryztalvisions comes from a long line of artistic souls and has been fascinated by crystals and stones for as long as she can remember. She’s had some wonderful teachers who have passed on to her their passion for nature, geology, crystals and gemstones. Listen in while she serves up her "cryztal" clear views and methodologies.

    Media masters: "When I'm learning a new technique or process I find people I consider to have mastered the media and take my inspiration from them as I learn."

    Treasured tools: "Silver is my preferred metal. I seek out unusual stones to design around; I'm always looking for new ways to push my designs. But it’s my hands that are my most treasured tools."

    Natural inspirations: "My best inspirations always come from nature. Whether it's a walk through the woods or a visit to the beach, I always come back to my workshop refreshed and full of new ideas."

    Gem array: "Sometimes all I need to do is spread out some gemstones and I start to envision new designs. It's as if some pieces actually design themselves."

    Personal matters: "No matter what you do or how skilled you are at your craft, there will be people who are attracted to it … and people who are repelled by it. In any case, don't take it too personally."

    Self affirmations: "Stay true to yourself and follow your passion. When you do, everything else falls into place. "

    Words I live by: "Live, laugh, love and most of all … create!"

    Featured Etsy Shop - Eva Felicity Designs

    What does Eva Felicity Designs feature in her Etsy shop? No, the question is what does Eva NOT feature in her Etsy shop. Eva has aprons, apothecary/spa products, stitch kits, glass magnets, beaded jewelry, paper products like gift tags and note cards … umm … pet clothes, ornamental signs and paper cones, sachets, and photography. Wow.

    Before you ask, yes, it’s all handmade by Eva. And yes, it’s all very well-crafted and quite attractive! Her passion for crafting is evident in every item, as well as her passion for making everything look just so.

    My top three Eva Felicity Designs were not easy to choose. But here goes…

    First up – Eva’s scrumptious-sounding Deja-vu Vanilla Milk Bath, which is handcrafted in small batches from 100% pure essential oils and top grade natural products. It’s a “soothing smoothing and relaxing milk bath” that does not use synthetic chemicals or dyes. Yum.

    Number two is Eva’s Vintage Style Apron. I absolutely love this beautiful little number, which is of course handmade by Eva. The fabrics are a perfect choice for any domestic goddess. Or, if you just want to pretend to be a super star in the kitchen, wear it out to get the mail – it’ll impress the neighbors.

    Third one - now, if I just said “check out some paper cone decoration thingies.” You might think, “yah…no.” Luckily through the magic of computer graphics, you can see for yourself. These are the neatest and the sweetest! I love a vintage flair and these definitely have it.

    It was such a pleasure stepping into Eva Felicity Designs' well-rounded shop. I leave, with my senses heightened and my creativity inspired.

    I think I … do I smell … cookies?

    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Featured Etsy Shop – Earmark Invitations

    Today I'm checking in on a new favorite of mine – Earmark Invitations. Let’s see, we’ve got intelligent quips, colorful quotes and graphical greetings – all on recycled paper? Yes, that’s what I said, recycled paper. So many people are looking for cleaner, greener ways to conduct their lives. Earmark fits the bill and then some.

    Earmark offers a wide array of paper products like invitations, greeting cards and thank you notes. Their stationary products fit into (at least) three categories - traditional, vintage and humor.

    It’s not easy to create something that has a traditional sensibility while offering a unique, artful design. But that’s what you’ll find at Earmark. Take this thank you card. It’s a traditional message with a stunning sterling design printed on the bottom using a letterpress.

    Vintage can mean so many things these days and it’s used in so many applications. I think these have a vintage appeal because of the color pallet, the imagery and the quotes that are used.

    For me, what sets them apart from others is the combination of simple graphical elements and tongue and cheek sayings. A sense of humor is always important to maintain, even when you’re telling someone they didn’t do their part as expected.

    Earmark offers many other handmade goodies as well; like journals, magnets and even computer graphics for your own Etsy shop. Oh, and they can customize your order too!

    These are just some of the elements I found noteworthy at Earmark. Check them out and see how you can "create happiness" in someone's life.

    Saturday, October 20, 2007

    psst...have you heard about Etsy?

    Etsy is your place to buy and sell handmade goods. It's a tight little community of only 550,000 registered users, 60,000 of whom are individual artists selling more than 700,000 of their handmade creations.

    My shop on Etsy (shameless plug) features unique jewelry using sterling silver, natural gemstones, seashells, leather and glass. Designs are organic in nature with vintage, Asian and oceanic elements. But there are tons of other artist types - potters, watercolor artists, knitters, sewers, candle makers, woodworkers, glass artists - to name a few. Also, this is the place to go if you're looking for a very specific piece - try searching "purple people eater" and you'll see what I mean.

    It's super easy to create an account on Etsy - which you need to do in order to buy or sell. But you don't have to give any personal info if you don't want to; you can even be totally anonymous. Once registered, you're able to use all the cool features like chatting in the forums, learning about events and how-tos in The Storque, shopping by categories and marking your favorites for later reference.

    Speaking of favorites, above are some of mine. This gives you an idea of the quality and variety of items out there. Enough with this, just go already. You won't be sorry!!

    So, go to Etsy now and journey to the land of handmade and find out how you can shop by a specific shade of any color, by a geographic location or by time travel! And no, Rod Sterling is not your guide.

    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    I'm a writer - I should have a blog

    I wanted to be a writer when I was young. I loved to take pencil to paper and create something out of nothing but my imagination. It must have been the 5th grade when my teacher called me up to his desk and asked me a very confusing question that left me feeling confident yet a little guilty. He wanted to know if the story I wrote was really written by me. Oh, I get it; he thinks someone else wrote my well-constructed work of art entitled, Pink Ink. Of course not, but it has stuck with me all this time. And thus entered the eternal, ever-present question lurking in the mind of the true artist - "am I really that good?"

    So now, I AM a writer ... and a painter ... and a jewelry designer ... because I said so. Currently I design jewelry. That means I think of a design, I shop for the supplies, I produce it, photograph it, list it and I make some more and then I promote it, advertise it, sell it, ship it, and pack it up to show it and bring it back home. All the jobs I’ve had have led me here and make it possible for me to get it all done. The best part is nobody tells me what to do or how to do it. Or that I didn't do it right or not quick enough or whatever.

    Really, I’m an artist - in all facets of the word. My mind is always thinking about what I can create next - whether it's a piece of jewelry, a poem, a collage or dinner. I’m so lucky to be able to express myself creatively full time. Thanks Director Bob!