Monday, October 29, 2007

Featured Artist – Creative Sundries

Creative Sundries is a mother (Carol) and daughter (Sarah) working team who have an obsession for things of the past. Below, we have four examples of their passion.

I love the way they took the car fuses and made them into earrings. But some items are perfect just the way they are, like the glass owl bank. And then, sometimes they create new items from scratch, like the crocheted cuff. Then there’s always the find that sort of (re)creates itself, like the plastic slide necklace.

No matter what you admire about their work, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is unique and will make a statement in your home or on your person.


Carol and Sarah take inspiration from whatever catches their eye. They seek and find many different types of treasures that they take back to their studio and repurpose, recycle and/or alter.

Favorite materials?
  • plastic charms
  • vintage game pieces
  • odd papers
  • Loteria (Mexican lotto) cards
  • images from kitschy cookbooks
  • vintage children's books
  • glass
  • sterling silver
  • buttons
Still to learn?
  • stained glass
  • soldered pendants
  • copper and other metalwork and jewelry
  • crochet
Can't live without?
  • mod podge
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
“We're thankful to have each other's encouragement, and have found awesome support and friendship through the Etsy Minnesota street team.”

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    creativesundries said...

    Wow, Deanna!

    Thanks for the awesome feature!
    Your blog looks great!

    Sarah :-)