Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 25, Blossoms Alive

The official first day of fall was Sept. 23, but we haven’t seen fall-like temperatures until today. October had temps in the 70’s and 80’s. But today, with the sun out in full force, was a chilly 55 degrees.

My garden hasn’t been very kempt this summer. Luckily, many of my favorites seem to tend to themselves. But now it’s October and they’ve been happy with the extended warm temperatures.

My sweet pea has never seemed to take to the trellis that was specifically placed for its use. However, its curly tendrils did find the new fence we installed mid-summer with ease.

The sweet little pink rose bush has hardly had an eye spy it all season. But this beautiful blossom comes out to greet the warm air as well. Her sibling buds were ready and waiting for their turn.

This very hardy dianthus stands tall among the old dried stems. She lifts her face to the sun and tells her sisters the coast is clear and bright.

Look closely and you’ll see the stamen inside the radiant glow of this vibrant bloom. It’s my favorite, reliable friend; always open to hear me say “good morning glory” when I come back from the bus stop each morning.

Their pretty pink and purple presence have me yearning for summer already, but I know I’ll see my friends again when the days are longer and steady.

(Photos taken Oct. 25, 2007)

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Miribella Designs said...

That sweet pea blossom is beautiful! It looks a little like an favorite flower :)