Thursday, October 25, 2007

Featured Etsy Shop – Earmark Invitations

Today I'm checking in on a new favorite of mine – Earmark Invitations. Let’s see, we’ve got intelligent quips, colorful quotes and graphical greetings – all on recycled paper? Yes, that’s what I said, recycled paper. So many people are looking for cleaner, greener ways to conduct their lives. Earmark fits the bill and then some.

Earmark offers a wide array of paper products like invitations, greeting cards and thank you notes. Their stationary products fit into (at least) three categories - traditional, vintage and humor.

It’s not easy to create something that has a traditional sensibility while offering a unique, artful design. But that’s what you’ll find at Earmark. Take this thank you card. It’s a traditional message with a stunning sterling design printed on the bottom using a letterpress.

Vintage can mean so many things these days and it’s used in so many applications. I think these have a vintage appeal because of the color pallet, the imagery and the quotes that are used.

For me, what sets them apart from others is the combination of simple graphical elements and tongue and cheek sayings. A sense of humor is always important to maintain, even when you’re telling someone they didn’t do their part as expected.

Earmark offers many other handmade goodies as well; like journals, magnets and even computer graphics for your own Etsy shop. Oh, and they can customize your order too!

These are just some of the elements I found noteworthy at Earmark. Check them out and see how you can "create happiness" in someone's life.


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