Monday, November 10, 2008

Well dip me in wax and call me a candle!


For years, my kids have dipped wax blanks into colored wax to "make" their own candles at a local candle factory. We go to Yankee Candle at least once a year ... because that's where Santa and his elves have their workshop. If we're lucky we can catch Santa in his parlor so we can chat and share a special list.

I guess most people are familiar with Yankee Candle, as they are in hundreds of stores across the country. But I've been visiting the flagship location in Deerfield, Mass. since I was a kid.

At the Yankee Candle flagship you can buy all sorts of things: kitchen decor, bath accessories, Christmas ornaments, fudge, nutcrackers, toys, soaps, oh and even candles.

You can walk through the Black Forest and enjoy a light snow fall (every twenty minutes), and wander through the Bavarian village to witness a "live" bluegrass band up on stage. Or make your way to the Nutcracker Castle by way of the courtyard and enjoy the waterfall and coy pond.

Chloe's 'love', my 'peace', and Brendon's 'howdy'

This year, we (my kids, a friend, and my mom) found a new and exciting Yankee Candle feature. For five dollars you can make a sculpture of your hand in any position you desire (no, the center digit is not allowed). And hey, what can provide a more bonding experience than dipping your hands in hot wax?

But even if you don't spend a dime, you will leave with one very impressive gift ... the Christmas spirit. Well, that and time well spent with the children!