Saturday, October 27, 2007

Featured Etsy Shop - Eva Felicity Designs

What does Eva Felicity Designs feature in her Etsy shop? No, the question is what does Eva NOT feature in her Etsy shop. Eva has aprons, apothecary/spa products, stitch kits, glass magnets, beaded jewelry, paper products like gift tags and note cards … umm … pet clothes, ornamental signs and paper cones, sachets, and photography. Wow.

Before you ask, yes, it’s all handmade by Eva. And yes, it’s all very well-crafted and quite attractive! Her passion for crafting is evident in every item, as well as her passion for making everything look just so.

My top three Eva Felicity Designs were not easy to choose. But here goes…

First up – Eva’s scrumptious-sounding Deja-vu Vanilla Milk Bath, which is handcrafted in small batches from 100% pure essential oils and top grade natural products. It’s a “soothing smoothing and relaxing milk bath” that does not use synthetic chemicals or dyes. Yum.

Number two is Eva’s Vintage Style Apron. I absolutely love this beautiful little number, which is of course handmade by Eva. The fabrics are a perfect choice for any domestic goddess. Or, if you just want to pretend to be a super star in the kitchen, wear it out to get the mail – it’ll impress the neighbors.

Third one - now, if I just said “check out some paper cone decoration thingies.” You might think, “yah…no.” Luckily through the magic of computer graphics, you can see for yourself. These are the neatest and the sweetest! I love a vintage flair and these definitely have it.

It was such a pleasure stepping into Eva Felicity Designs' well-rounded shop. I leave, with my senses heightened and my creativity inspired.

I think I … do I smell … cookies?

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