Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Gentle Reminder

I hate the bitter cold. I hate being cold. I can't stand driving in the snow. I don't like how others drive in the snow. I'm not a huge fan of removing snow. I hate slick stairs and walkways. I don't like snow days because my kids have to stay in school while summer is starting without us.

When I was a child, my family lived in California for a few years. It never snowed. I don't recall being cold. I remember the ocean and the tide pools and the sun. I remember sun dresses and bare feet and vegetable gardens.

In the 90s I lived in Atlanta for five years and it snowed once the whole time I was there (one time too many). The whole town was at a stand still. They have no plows, no salt - not prepared at all (not that they should be - it is HotLanta after all). Trees in the Georgia clay were uprooted and fell over. Branches literally covered the streets. Random do-gooders were out in full force brandishing echoing chain saws. It was like a natural disaster had occurred.

The one (and only) thing I love about this time of year is the visual beauty. When the snow gently covers the dark bare trees, and it throws a soft blanket over the dormant grass, and a vibrant Cardinal floats through a sea of white and tucks down into the woody brush - it makes me smile.

The view from my house is hilly and woodsy. Our house is on a street that runs north/south so the sun rises in the front and sets in the back. This time of year, the sunset is a mix of oranges and pinks. I've tried to capture it many times, but a photo cannot really do it justice.

These photos are from December 10, 2005 - a friend took them from our back yard with his fancy camera.

And the following are my attempt at capturing our backyard beauty with my far inferior camera. I took these December 28, 2008 at 4:45 pm - it was actually very dark outside.

Yesterday, while coming home from a long day of shopping - in and out of the wind and cold - I was getting on the turn pike when a hefty hawk swooped in and landed on a heavy branch in front of me. I got a good long look at him and he reminded me that I can be happy - no matter the temperature.

God's beauty is there every day of the year, it just takes a little effort on my part to see it - in spite of the winter forecast.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fan Promotion


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Sakura Glass Slide Pendant

The cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. Samurai warriors were fond of cherry blossoms. The short life of the cherry blossom mirrored their duty to die for their master at a moment’s notice. In 1910 the Japanese sent cherry trees to Washington, D.C. as a token of goodwill and friendship. In 1952 America sent cherry trees back to Japan to replenish their collection following World War II. Sakura means cherry blossom or cherry tree (pronounced: sah koo rah).

I take a microscope slide, slice it in half, fit it with art, wrap it in foil tape, solder around the edges and complete it with sterling findings and a gemstone dangle. It measures 1" x 1.5".