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Deborah grew up watching over her two younger sisters. Her family moved quite a bit when she was young – from coast to coast and back again – until they settled into a small New England town. She spent her high school years in that small town and made many special friends.

Deborah has two handsome boys – one currently in Army Special Ops Training and one studying to be a fire fighter. She has spent the past several (almost ten) years with a wonderful man, with whom she recently exchanged wedding vows.

Anyone who knows her would say Deborah has a passionate and caring spirit. Always a good friend, she’s willing to lend an ear or a hand whenever needed. Her character has lended itself to her art. Deborah’s paintings reveal her emotions and point of view in a very pure way. Her art is not guided by technical strokes or channeling other artists. It’s guided by what’s inside.

I hope you enjoy the words and art of my beautiful sister, Deborah Sprague.


droux: When did you realize you were an artist?

dlsprague: My first love comes from appreciating nature and the beauty in it, and the feeling that it brings to me. I never thought of myself as being creative or talented, but envied those who are. When my children were older I had some time on my hands to spend in museums and galleries with the new love of my life. I found that the feeling I would get when looking at a beautiful piece of art was the same as when I was in nature. It was a real connection for me. I figured what the heck, I'll purchase some supplies and try it out. I just wanted the feeling of creating. I wasn’t expecting perfection or anything. It was really about the process - a journey. From there, my husband encouraged me to continue and gave me art lessons at the Boston MFA as a birthday gift. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by great works and then to be surrounded by other students who were also learning. I continued to take classes in oil and pastel. Some day, I hope to think of myself as an artist - but I love the journey.

droux: Where do you find inspiration?

dlsprague: I find my inspiration in nature; I love the colors of the natural world - the greens, golds, blues and the reds. I love to look at other artists' work; I love texture and thick brush strokes and vivid colors

droux: What was the first piece of art you ever created?

dlsprague: When I was about eight, I made a puppet out of paper and crayons for my little sister for Christmas. I loved giving it to her.

droux: What is your favorite medium?

dlsprague: That’s a hard question. I recently learned to paint with pastel so that is what I'm doing right now the most. I love the intense colors you get with pastel and the fact that I can leave it out and work on a piece when I can get to it. I love oils too; how you can put it on thick and be creative with mixing your colors. AND I really enjoy doing mixed media pieces with acrylic. This technique opens the door to doing pieces that are so different.

droux: How do you feel about parting with your art?

dlsprague: First I get nervous. I hope the person I give a piece to really likes it or at least appreciates it. When I'm doing a piece, if I know I'm giving it to someone in particular, I really think a lot about that person when I'm working on it. Since I don't live right next door to my family, it is a nice way to stay in touch - even if it is only in my mind. I love to give my art to my husband. He really loves my work and that I express myself in this way.

Deborah lives in New Hampshire with her husband Wayne, her two boys (when they're not at school, working or in training), and their black lab, Summer.

Coming Soon: Look for her art on display at my Etsy shop!

Invitation: Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about Deborah's art seen above (first two are pastels; last one is oil) - you can click on the photos to enlarge.


susan said...

hi deb hi deanna!
i really enjoyed getting your newsletter and seeing deb's work here. nice to see her working in pastels too!
thanks for the new shipment.. and best of luck at etsy deb!

Melissa said...

Wow, beautiful artwork. It was so nice reading about Deanna. The first painting has a gorgeous array of colors, the 2nd is beautiful and full of a peaceful feeling, like a midsummer's night.
The 3rd one is wonderful, the lovely text laid in makes it very special!