Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mud Spun Arts Center Opens in Belchertown

What is this? Deanna Roux, instructor?

Yes, that's what I said, sista (or brotha - whatever the case may be).

Okay, slow down droux. You're getting a little ahead of yourself. Do you want the long version or the short version? ... Just what I figured. Fine, short version it is.

A woman, by the name of Becky Laliberte (a mom and a potter), decided to open an arts center in our sweet little town called Mud Spun Arts Center. She carved out a spot in a building she owns - really a strip mall. (P.S. It's the same strip mall where my kids take music lessons and I had put my business card up on the music shop's bulletin board.)

Becky lined up several artists to instruct 6-week workshops for adults. She was looking to fill a jewelry making slot when she came across my business card at the music shop.

See, I can do short version.

The arts center is currently conducting open registration for the following:

~Elements of Drawing
~Clay Tile Making
~Beaded Jewelry Design

Mud Spun also offers:

~"Clay with Us" Get Together
~Individual Potter's Wheel Instruction
~Art Camp for Kids
~Oil Painting Workshop

Check out the Mud Spun registration form for all the details, including dates, times, and very reasonable prices.

Oh, and did I tell you? I'm instructing a workshop!

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tootsiegrace said...

Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck with your class!