Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Bridal Collection

What a lovely opportunity I had recently to create some custom pieces for an equally lovely bride-to-be.

She came to visit me in my studio, we chatted and looked at my current work. She quickly decided what she wanted.

These pieces are for her wedding party to wear on her wedding day, but they are also her gift to them.

Her wedding party is quite large: eight bridesmaids,

one junior bridesmaid,

and two flower girls.

Once we ironed out those details, we moved on to her gift to her mother. We talked a bit and then I sketched out a design that she loved.

The bride gave me a lot of artistic license, so I had some creative freedom, as well as her direction.

I wrapped up the collection in these pretty little bags I found at the Christmas Tree Shops.

I was able to provide the bride with a preview of her collection via a Facebook photo album. (One does not need an account to have full viewing capabilities.)

My bride was very excited to be able to give one-of-a-kind gifts to her special ladies and I had a lot of fun creating them for her!


mrs said...

i've been asked to create in the same sense - have colors down and we're beginning to play with the details. it'll all be beadwork, and i'm very honored to have been approached by the bride-to-be!
your pieces are exquisite, and surely they'll add to the beauty and delight of her Big Day!

mrs said...

above comment was from me, kendra - sorry not to mention that ;)

shopPOPKO said...

these are absolutely gorgeous! I love where your work has been going, you have a really good eye. Good luck at start on the street next weekend! I hope i will get to see your whole collection, but these shows are always crazy busy.

Fancy Free Me said...

i neglected to thank you ladies for your comments! and good luck to you this holiday season!!