Sunday, July 12, 2009

Parting is such (bitter)sweet sorrow

I would rate yesterday's show as a success. Based on the economy, that is. Normally, I'd have thought the day was a little less than stellar.

Offering the $5 off was definitely a smart move. I never did anything like that before. And I don't do sales. I make a conscious effort to create beautiful jewelry at a cost people can afford. I often get comments on my prices - and how fair they are. That's why I don't usually offer any "deals."

But I witnessed many people thinking very hard about whether to buy or not, and also when they knew they would buy, what they would buy was also a careful decision. Being able to offer a discount really helped them. I was glad for them and for me!

One customer really sticks out in my mind. She was so kind and appreciated my work so much. She bought the most special piece in my collection. It was one that I poured my heart and soul into - one that I created with my favorite subject matter in mind.

The piece is called Ebb and Flow - a necklace with a handmade pendant which, to me, exemplifies the ocean waves and the bubbly water that hits the beach. I set a round paua shell into it as well. The necklace features sea glass from Hawaii and some neat rings that remind me of barnacles. The whole thing is asymmetrical with a handmade wavy toggle clasp.

I love the piece and I'm so happy it now lives with a woman who truly understands and appreciates the art that it is. She even bought a mini version of it for a gift.

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