Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gifts That Give Twice Are Twice As Nice

My fellow Etsian, Phyllis Mufson, and I have quite a few things in common.

First, she is super busy being crafty, like many of us indie artisans. But she kicks it up a notch with TWO Etsy shops! One (Personal Treasures) with very high-end, gorgeous jewelry featuring quality gemstones in silver and gold. And another (Mufi Jewels) featuring equally stunning pieces with a more casual appeal.

Phyllis also blogs, like ma-self. Her blog is dedicatd to creative people and the creative process. On her blog, she features other artists and is currently showcasing a group of crafters who create for the good of others.

Check out her blog to see the many Etsians (like Phyllis and me) who are creating Gifts That Give Twice. Shop these artists this holiday season and your purchase will benefit all kinds of global groups including those who support children, breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, leukemia, animals and eating disorders.


Phyllis said...

Great article Deanna. Thanks for the support. May it help all of us and the charities we support.


deanna roux said...

Phyllis, thanks so much for your article too. Love you photo here too! -Deanna

DLSprague said...

Hello Artisans-

Thank you for not only creating from the heart but also for giving from the heart. I believe a true artist in interested in the world around them and helping anyway they can. You are doing that!! Thank you.

Many of the items on your sites and other ETSY sites would make thoughtful gifts for anyone on your holiday list. I'll spread the word and thanks again for making a difference.

Buy Art!!
DL Sprague, Barrington, NH