Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stunning Sea Gems Found in the Sand

A few months ago I purchased some beautiful sea glass from fellow-Etsian 808Sunshine. She resides in Hawaii and seems to be as happy as I would be if I lived in Hawaii. She searches the beaches practically daily for new sea glass and has many collections for sale on her site.

I bought a sizable amount of sea glass from her to use in some new summery designs. And we communicated quite a bit on my choices. I have to say there are few sellers who tend to their customers as 808 does. She even included many free gifts.

I told 808 about my and my daughter's unrequited love affair with the tiny sea gems. We love to behold them but they do not reveal themselves to us frequently.

Anyway, she was just so sweet. I was extra pleased to show my daughter the free little gift that was lovingly put together especially for her by a kind stranger in Hawaii (pictured above). My daughter absolutely loved it!

So far, I have only made one pair of earrings from the lot I purchased from 808 (pictured below). I plan to create a whole collection of new pieces in the coming weeks.

Enjoy this lovely slide show I found on a blog I follow called By the Sea Jewelry and Sea Glass Collecting

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