Thursday, December 11, 2008

Check out the Birthday Bunch


Hey check this out. It's kind of interesting to see how many people have joined Etsy in the past year. There are, I think, tens of thousands of Etsy shop owners, but here you can see the increase of the past year by looking at one day - December 11 - my birthday.

Last year, there were 147 Etsians who shared the day.

This year there are 378 who have my birthday in common - that's about 2.5 times as many.

Can you find me in both images? What about others? Not everyone keeps the same 'avatar' consistently, the little image that represents them in their shop and in forums, etc. How many Etsians can you find that are in both images?

Happy birthday to you December 11 babies - hope you get lots of love today!

Check out the full list ...right here. When you get there, move your mouse around and sprinkle some love down on us!

Note: these images represent the first 100 of each group.

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