Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why am I "the only" mom not happy when school starts?


Okay, so my sister tells me yesterday that I am "the ONLY person" she's heard say "I hate that my kids are going back to school."

My first thought is there must be something wrong with me. Why would I want my kids to be home longer?

I mean, I get it, when they go back to school they're out of my hair, I have more time to get stuff done and there's less whining and complaining for me to deal with.

But I still feel really lucky to have them here with me all day long. I'm fortunate to be a work-at-home mom and a (struggling) artist supported in every way by her husband.

So, after sleeping on it last night, I realized this morning, as I was giving hugs and making lunches, that most moms in my position are probably feeling the same way.

Even though my kids get on my nerves plenty (not to mention each others') - that is out-weighed by the fact that they're fun and they make me laugh until I pee.

And although I am "the worst mom ever" at least twice a day (according to one little girl) I get at least ten times that in hugs every day.

Other moms "like me" - a stay-at-home mom, a work-at-home mom or perhaps a school teacher mom - get to be a kid with their kids once June rolls around.

From September to June, I have to be productive - in my windowless studio, in the kitchen - in the house in general.

From June to September, I get to come out of my dungeon, play outside, swim with my kids and spend a lot of time talking with them - nothing as serious as organizing their schoolwork to help improve their grades.

We're all just more relaxed in the summer - mentally and physically. We wake up when we want to - not at 6:00 a.m. to catch the bus at 6:40.

I drive to Dunkin Donuts for ice coffee - not brew a hot cup and hunker down inside planning my day of indoor work.

In the late afternoon, we don't have to rush to dance and drums and other after school commitments - we start up a fire in the pit and make s'mores.

I mean, the end of summer is what we're talking about. It's the end of little girl picking me flowers, it's the end of bike rides and walks to the tire swing. It's the end of beach-going and the end of getting lost because we have no time restraints and we don't have to answer to anyone!

So, I guess there's really nothing wrong with wishing school could start later - which by the way, August 27? Really? Are you kidding me?

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for sympathy here. I know I have it good. I just don't get the same kind of fulfillment in let's say, housework, that I get from spending time with my kids.


Destiny's Creations said...

Awwww!! Children are a blessing and it's so nice to hear your sentiments for your children.

I remember when no one went back to school until after Labor Day, but that just means they will get out earlier and June will be here before you know it!!

Anonymous said...

Children are a blessing. Children grow up fast and before you know it they are making their own mark on society. With guidence, love and hope, we can only hope a good mark. With years between my kids, I'm lucky that I have some years left w/ the little man. I must say, I love them endlessly and don't ever want to see them go for long periods of time. BUT...when school comes back in session, I'm like the Staple's commercial, it's a wonderful time of year. It gives me a bit more time to not worry about what they are doing for the day or where I need to get them. I love to see them go but also love to have them come home, do what kids do, homework, chores and the best part is when Mommy gets home from work, they are waiting for me with huge smiles, hugs and quick "hey Mom, what's for dinner". I would love to be a stay a home mom, that's just not in the cards at this point. So, for this Mom, I will watch them go and wait for their return.