Friday, November 2, 2007

Featured Etsy Shop - Indigo Luna

Rachel Kitterman of Indigo Luna is a self-described art addict. Her primary passion is fabric and she’s been making art quilts and dolls for over a decade now.

Other mediums she enjoys are paper, altered art, mixed-media, knitting, crocheting, jewelry, artist books and photography. She says, “Pretty much, if it will hold still, I'll make art out of it!”

Rachel also loves to write and she does a great job at it too! So, below you’ll learn more about Rachel, in her own words (from her Etsy Profile).

What if?

“I have always been an artist. I have always drawn, cut, pasted, painted, collected, sewn, written and dreamed. I have been driven by the question, ‘What if?’ (and fighting against its archenemy, ‘That won’t work!’)”

I like a good hat

"Among other things, I am a sign language interpreter, an energy worker, a minister, a blogger, a wife to a wonderful and creative man, and a mother to two wild and amazing little girls. All of these roles shape and change and inform my art.”

Inspiration abounds

“I am a 5th generation Oregonian. This lush and verdant environment is in my blood. I grew up in a valley surrounded by tree-covered hills. I memorized the names of flowers as a child. I picked baskets full of mushrooms in the damp woods and studied moss and built forts inside of blackberry thickets.”


Rachel’s work has appeared on the cover of the 2005 Quilting Arts Calender, in Artella Magazine, Art/Quilt Magazine, Fiberarts Design Book 6.

Rachel is also member of Etsy’s EarthPath Artisans Street Team (E.A.S.T.).

Want more?

Visit Rachel’s Etsy shop, Indigo Luna.
Check out Rachel’s blog.

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